Friday, January 4, 2013

Forever Red Exclusively at Bath & Body Works

Another free product I tested out in my cosmo voxbox from influenster was the Forever Red Exclusively at Bath & Body Works. This perfume smells amazing! I'm not the type of person to try different types of perfumes, I usually stick to SWEET SMELLS and that's it, but forever red smelled really good! but it wasn't a sweet smell, no it was different. The only word I can think of to describe it would be sexy... yes sexy. When I put it on I don't feel like the girl next door. I feel more like the Sexy Vixen! If you have not tried it YOU must! I wonder what it will make you feel like?
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Gillette® Venus® Embrace®

In my Influenster Cosmo VOXBOX i received the Venus Embrace 5 blade razor and the olay refil. I personally use the olay venus razor all the time and love it. so you could imagine my excitement when i found a brand new refill in my voxbox. But the excitement did not stop there! having received a brand new razor I immediately wanted to try it. And I must say it Worked Like A Charm. Legs were as smooth as ever. But I think the most exciting part was to find out that any venus refill will fit any venus razor. YES DID YOU HERE ME it will fit any razor. How cool is that!!

As a reminder these products were sent to me free to try by influenster and gillette the websites are down below.