Saturday, August 11, 2012

NYC New York Color Liquid lip shine!

  As many of you know I received My very first Influenster VoxBox. Inside the box was a Free full size product of Nude York city Liquid Lip Shine by N.Y.C. I was very excited when I saw it because, As many of you know I would consider myself to be the Queen of lip gloss. I immediately opened the product and tried it for the first time. My first thought was Love at First Sight!!! I was completely in love with the nude color, I was so surprised at how well the color really matched my lips. And the flexible tip makes it easier to trace the outline of your lips. I also love that this lip gloss is less sticky than most other brands of lip gloss. Before I was introduced to the Liquid lip shine I was using  Lancome Juice tubes. This was my favorite lip gloss and I was extremely loyal to the brand but after trying the liquid lip shine I now have found my new favorite lip gloss. When I would buy Lancome I would be paying anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars for a very small size product but now learning that the lip shine product retails for only $ 2.49 I WILL BE SAVING ANYWHERE FROM 8 TO 18 DOLLARS which is AMAZING!! This is such an Incredible product and the price makes it that much sweeter .

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